Three Reasons NOT to Get Garage Epoxy Flooring

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Three Reasons NOT to Get Garage Epoxy FlooringIf you’ve been debating your options for garage flooring and noticed that epoxy is on your list to consider, you might be surprised to know that this is a popular choice for home and business owners alike. The truth is, though, that epoxy flooring won’t be ideal for everyone. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t bother with garage epoxy flooring:

  1. You Like Looking at Stains – You know the oil stains that happen under your cars and other vehicles that have soaked into the concrete and will never come up? If you love looking at those blemishes, garage epoxy flooring isn’t for you.
  2. You Prefer Cracked & Chipped Flooring – Concrete flooring with cracks and chips certainly adds character. Never mind that the cracks and chips can just cause more damage over time. If you like having cracked and chipped concrete floors, steer clear of garage epoxy flooring.
  3. You Enjoy Dull Colors – Ahhh, the sight of dull gray in the morning. Concrete gray is such a wonderful, lifeless color. If that boring, gray concrete floor is your favorite color, then garage epoxy flooring probably isn’t a good fit.

Truthfully, garage epoxy flooring is great for all kinds of reasons, like its easy maintenance, durability, and decorative options. If you’re not into that for your flooring, we understand. If you change your mind, though, we’ll be here at Garage Floor and More to help you schedule your garage epoxy flooring installation and walk you through all of the benefits you’ll enjoy. Give us a call today!